welsh land rights show
The current performers of Gadael Tir or Leave Land are Owen Shiers and Gwilym Morus-Baird. We also include guest performers as part of the show from time to time.

The format is based on the same concept as Three Acres And A Cow, a show exploring the history of land rights and protest in England. The creator of Three Acres, Robin Grey, has also been working closely with us, lending his invaluable experience, passion and expertise.



Gwilym Morus-Baird

Gwilym Morus-Baird went to college in 2002 to study Welsh literature and left in 2012 with a doctorate in Medieval Welsh poetry and the Welsh bardic tradition. Since 2014 he has been fulfilling creative commissions and running online courses on Welsh mythology.

Since 2005 he has released several albums of music, on his own and with the band Drymbago. He has also been responsible for collaborations with musicians from Palestine and is currently working on a collaboration with musicians from India. His music is available at gwilmor.com.

Along with other members of the Welsh music industry he is a founder member of Eos – The Broadcasting Rights Agency for Wales.


welsh folk

Owen Shiers

Owen is a native of Ceredigion, West Wales and grew up immersed in Welsh music – from the sonorous melodies emanating from his father’s harp workshop to school life and festivals such as the Eisteddfod and Cnapan.

Since graduating with a music degree from Bath Spa University, Owen has been plying his skills all over the world as a composer, producer/engineer and performer. His compositions have been used by the BBC, Channel 4 and CNN and he has toured with artists such as Cimarron, Asere and Totó la Momposina. He has also worked at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios and on several album projects including the award winning Clychau Dibon by Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita, for which he received a Music Producer’s Guild Award nomination.

More recently he has been returning to his Welsh roots, immersing himself in his local culture and completed a scholarship backed by the Gerald Finzi Trust to research the lost folk music and untold stories of Ceredigion. The resulting material has formed the basis of his ‘Cynefin’ project which he has been performing across the country as well as running workshops. The project was nominated for an award at the recent Welsh Folk Awards.